This photo from the brawl in Uganda’s parliament has become a meme. See the meme worthy photos

Isn’t it funny how one image taken from an event can be made into meme’s?

Just recently was that of Boniface Mwangi hanging out with a monkey. Literally everyone came up with a funny meme of the photo. If you haven’t seen it, then you’re missing out.

Well the photo above captured the moment when Ugandan legislators fought each other as they debated a controversial bill. It kind of reminds me of our very own National Assembly when fights break out.

Remember when this photo of Millie Odhiambo went viral?


Well, from this photo above in UG, twitter users have gone further to create meme’s that are simply unforgettable.

I have put together several such photos for your enjoyment.




uganda fight 7

uganda fight 5

uganda fight 3

Vidokti‏…It’s the guy on the table who has me.

YaBeezer‏…Yep. My money on the boy in the Red hat.

dr_douglas…Enjoying the fella on the table.

Rehman_Callitri …The guy behind the boxing professional. The look on his face haha. Fully admiring the stance.

Doc MUFC‏ …The guy on the far right is me when I see a spider.

Cataphonics‏ …Everybody was kung fu fighting, those MPs were fast as lightening, in fact it was a little bit frightening…

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