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‘This new journey is the best trip ever’ Corazon Kwamboka celebrates birthday

Socialite Corazon Kwamboka has turned a year older today.

The new mother of one shared a photo of herself in the hospital bed holding her baby saying it is the best gift for her birthday.

Corazon and her baby daddy Frankie welcomed their baby boy Taiyari two weeks ago although the baby came earlier than expected.

According to the couple, the baby would have come on 15th Aug which also happens to be her birthday.

In her photo Corazon wished herself a happy birthday.

“No blingy photo, because this my is the most fancy photo I’ll ever have

No expensive trip, because this new journey is the best trip I’ll ever have to take

And honestly honestly; this is the best gift I get to have on a day like this. And also today was my original due date but he made an early debut,” she wrote.

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Corazon Kwamboka-in-hopistal
Corazon Kwamboka-in-hopistal

Narrating on Youtube, her baby daddy Frankie explained that they noticed the baby had not moved at all on Sunday, August 2, 2020. They made their way to the nearest hospital to check if everything was okay.

“Saturday night (August 1), we had one of the most exhausting nights she had five-minute intervals of contractions. We didn’t sleep that much. Sunday (August 2) I was supposed to have the kids, but they were away, so we said we’ll spend time together, but she was too tired and she slept till 4 pm but the whole of Sunday baby didn’t move, kick he was not that active.

“I did not want her to panic because it being her first pregnancy and her going through endometriosis and all, the little things would scare her. We reached out to the doctor and he said it was best we go for a check-up,” he narrated.

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