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This Mzungu female makanga is a fashionista in the making (Photos)

Lucia Murotto, the female mzungu makanga is one of a  kind.

Lucia Murotto

The kind-hearted makanga, who works with Smoke city matatu Sacco, has won the hearts of many commuters especially those who ply the CBD – Kitengela route.

Just like many who treasure their jobs, the mzungu makanga loves her job and recently she revealed that it pays handsomely.

“THE PAY IS GOOD.I MAKE SH2,500 PER DAY DURING LOW SEASONS BUT EVEN SH3,000 ON BETTER DAYS,” LUCIA SAID during an interview with Mathree Magazine.

Well, a photo of the mzungu makanga looking gorgeous in her work uniform has surfaced and she looks absolutely great!

Here is the photo

Mzungu makanga
Lucia Murotto

Doesn’t she look lovely?

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