n with large neck goes viral

This man’s mugshot after being arrested has gone viral. Can you spot why?

This man caught the attention of social media, after police officers in Florida posted his mugshot moments after arrest.

The Facebook post has generated hilarious comments all for his large neck.

31-year-old Charles Dion McDowell was posted on the Escambia County Sheriff’s Office Facebook page Tuesday evening and has thousands of likes and shares. Much of the discussion was commentary on how McDowell’s neck appeared in the photo.

McDowell was arrested for fleeing and eluding police; possession of meth with intent to sell, manufacture or deliver the drug, possession of cocaine with intent to sell, manufacture or deliver, possession of a controlled substance without a prescription, possession of marijuana, and possession of drug equipment.

Read some reactions:

Max Karanja …I know him. He’s name is neckolas..

Lebishoi Chelagat …All you people got jokes. If he was in front of you when you said that, he’d knock you into necks week.

George Smith… Neck neck. Sorry, I meant knock knock.
Max Ngari …Probably from a necklected family

Frank Furo Ouna …Hanyongeki

Ummu Warda …This Neckro looks like Patrick from spongebob on Neckeledeon

Arnold Lakita …He’s a Neckromancer?

Phil Arum …Hawezi skia kiwaru!!

John Ochino… The turtle would surely die from this neck!

Abu Mmoja …Is there necksessity for this son??

Dennis Dë Ruto …Huyu haezi kubali shingo upande

Abdikarim Abdi-k Hussein …Only Neckesa can date him.

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