This Is Why Congolese Singer Koffi Olomide Lost His Cool And Kicked His Dancer At JKIA

Drama seems to follow congolese singer Koffi Olomide wherever he goes.

The latest drama surrounding the musician is that he lost his temper and beat to smitherens his top dancer.

According to SDE, Koffi olomide had just landed at the JKIA for a scheduled appearance this weekend. Drama ensued when witnesses said they say him manhandle her, prompting security to intervene.

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Courtesy: Koffi Olomide/Facebook

RadioJambo host Gidi Ogidi has now revealed why the controversial artist assaulted his dancer.

He put up this post;

” I have just spoken to Koffi Olomides handlers. The story is that one of the dancers had issues with Cindy (Koffi’s wife) and on arrival at JKIA they had an altercation then slapped her. Koffi was informed about the incident and become so furious.

He then turned back, went straight to the dancer and kicked her infront of the Kenya police and other passengers. Koffi has since apologised claiming that he overreacted after the dancer slapped Cindy.

Cindy is one woman who Koffi really cherish. She is the band leader and almost untouchable in Koffi’s entourage”.

This is not the first time he has physically assaulted his dancers. The Rhumba icon in Zambia is said to have slapped one of his dancers hard across the face for no apparent reason.


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