This is what the late Janet Kanini’s husband is doing to keep her memory alive

NTV presenter Janet Kanini’s husband George Ikua is yet to come to terms with her death but despite all that he is doing his best to ensure that he keeps his family together.

The late Janet prior to her death had set up a foundation dubbed, Kanini For Africa Foundation, something that was close to her heart, as she too was affected by the condition.

She succumbed to her illness after battling cancer for sometime but despite her absence her husband George Ikua is now doing something so sweet to help keep the memory alive.


Janet was diagnosed with cancer in 2015 which had developed from a complication of Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT). The cancer lesions had spread to her liver, bones, abdomen, lymph nodes and lungs by the time she was going for treatment in India.

Sadly she succumbed in April 2017. Speaking for the first time since his wifes death George Ikua admitted that it has not been easy adjusting to things after the death of his wife.

“Kids are great, school helps, getting back into routine really helps, just keeping everything in form, having the same nanny for the last 7 years has really helped. Still dicy on the question and time is a healer so we are taking one day at a time. I am home every day for homework, and that’s new for me.”

Speaking during an interview on K24, George said that the main reason of starting up the Kanini For Africa Foundation is to kickstart the cancer initiative.

“We are in a very disinformed state as a country, we are where HIV was 20years ago, lots of myths, taboos, unknowns and as Janet used to say cancer is not a death sentence. When you go to India the survival rate is 40- 50% but here it’s only 1% if you are lucky. Understanding the various cancer treatments, the implications. For me the foundation is to actually get the conversation going.”

He further goes on to say that the main problem in fighting cancer is the diagnosis

“If you go to a hospital right now, they will only test you for breast cancer and prostrate cancer, because those are unique since you can feel them with your hands. There is a simple blood test called CA test which is rarely carried out for being pricey, and by the time it’s done the cancer is at stage 3 or stage 4”.

As a way of keeping his wifes memory going, Kanini For Africa  Foundation held a “Janet Stands With You” Concert whose main am was to get the conversation going on cancer, and to give people information on the treatment.

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