This is what Kenyan Celebrities think about the ongoing NYS scandals

Wahu Kagwi who recently turned gospel, thinks it’s time for Uhuru to put to an end the theft of public money and decided to address the President in an open letter.

Recently, the media has been blowing with stories of mega corruption scandals;  National Youth Service (NYS), Youth Enterprise Development Fund (YEDF), National Cereals and Produce Board (NCPB) and Kenya Power scandals.

The economy is bleeding as runway corruption scandals cripple service delivery, a few looters are getting rich at the expense of millions of Kenyans.

Well, Gospel singer Wahu wrote an open letter to president Uhuru to give him tips on how to fight corruption in Kenya. The singer want the president to follow the model used by Malaysian Prime Minister Mahathir Bin Mohamad in fighting corruption in the Asian country.

Meet Monica Kanari, the Woman who returned 15 million after being deposited by mistake on her account by NYS

She wrote;

“Dear Mr. President @ukenyatta. Here’s a note from me to you! on my behalf, and on behalf of generations coming behind us. Show no Mercy!”


Other celebrities who joined hand to address the issue includes;


Daddy Owen a gospel artiste wrote;

“What is happening to our country is really sad.. l have so many questions, but the main one is WHO IS TO BLAME? is it the bad/greedy/corrupt leaders ?? Or is it the Voters who recycle the same corrupt/greedy/ and bad leaders??…. oops sorry let’s call them politicians instead of leaders #KenyaYatafunwa”


Dan Aceda in another post said;

But please…. I also have nothing to supply… Why can’t I also get this 60M . Whose uncle is in charge?




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