‘This Is The One Thing I Regret About The Late Comedian Ayeiya’, Reveals Maina Kageni In A Moving Tribute

The final send off for the late Churchill comedian Ayeiya will be held on Friday this week. The family has decided to bury him on 21st April at Kijura, Nyansiongo, Kisii County.

His former colleagues have planned a special tribute show and fundraising for him.

Well, Classic 105 presenter Maina Kageni is paying a special tribute to the late. He has joined Kenyan celebrities and fans to send a condolence message to the family and friends of the late Comedian Ayeiya, who will be laid to rest this Friday at his Kisii home.

Maina said;

‘He enriched our lives for the longest time ever. The first time I met this guy was during top comic, and the moment he stepped on stage…let me tell you about comedy..comedy is the hardest thing ever. You know you can play a song, 20 times, but you can’t tell the same joke twice. And this guy was one of those people you could see he’s got a bright future’.

‘He went through a beautiful part of his story from top comic to the Churchill show then he went through a very bad spell and I wondered is he going to be okay? But he came back and he was bigger and better than ever’.

The news of Ayeiya’s death was received with shock and Maina just like other Kenyans is coming to terms with his sudden death.

Maina continues to eulogize Ayeiya saying,

‘To his family, you are in our thoughts and prayers. To Ayeiya, you know, you gave us such great moments it’s impossible to forget you. What annoys me though, is his age. When I see young people go at their prime. It just melts me. It’s my biggest regret. But we cannot argue with Gods will. So Ayeiya Poa Poa ‘kayamba kwako’.

RIP Emmanuel Makori.

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