This Is The Mpango Wa Kando Rule Book

“Mpango wa kando”, the now popular phrase in reference to a clandestine affair with a married person has become common place. With relationships today becoming more of a joke, many people, both men and women, are now finding themselves “sharing” partners.

The fact that we openly acknowledge the existence of these relationships in society means that such unions require some form of regulation.

Below we share some rules that you need to follow as a mpango wa kando, whether male or female.

  1. Do not call your married partner when they are at home with their spouse.
  2. You have no business calling his wife AT ALL and if she calls you, well depending on her approach, have a cordial conversation without calling each other names.
  3. In reference to number two, should she choose to insult you, it is wise that you hang up and not engage her. Not even via text or whatsapp.
  4. Do not get pregnant, because, one, The man might scatter and you will be left hanging or two he might stick around but remember the time will be divided between two homes meaning he might not be around when you need him.
  5. Always have an exit plan because chances are they will not leave your partner for you.
  6. Don’t ever cry/fight for them, that’s not your work or your business.
  7. Your relationship is mainly based on sex and other material things so do not get attached for whatever reason.
  8. If they buy you something pricey make sure the certificate, license or whatever the legal framework needed is under your name not theirs. Should anything happen to the relationship you can keep it and keep the papers too.
  9. You shall NEVER EVER talk about his wife or family no matter how bad he portrays them, just listen and nod and always keep a neutral view…Never take sides.
  10. You shall never show up at their house, place of work or business for whatever reason unless they ask you to.
  11. Always stick to your position, don’t try to play wife there’s already one and it’s not you accept it.

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