This Is How To Grab Lupita Nyongo’s Attention

A tweet from a social media user has caught the attention of Kenyan actress Lupita Nyongo, and for a good reason.

The popular actress was last seen in Kenya last year when she visited her parents, and a video of her cooking ugali went viral. Kenyans praised her for improving her cooking skills with many describing her as wife-material.

She has been in the news lately after a US basketballer termed her ‘ugly’ saying he doesn’t find dark-skinned women good to look at. He was quickly forced to retract his statement after it created an uproar on the internet.

Lupita yesterday responded to a tweet from a twitter fan who made a comment about her and American singer Rihanna. In the tweet, the fan seems to have been excited after seeing a photo of the ‘Queen of Katwe’ actress at a fashion show.

The caption from the fan read;

‘They look like they’re in a heist movie with Rihanna as the tough-as-nails leader/master thief and Lupita as the genius computer hacker.’

This is the photo below. Do you agree?

lupita nyongo and rihanna cover

Check out Lupita’s response to the hilarious comment.

Lupita seems to have been online and read all the comments from fans saying they would love to see such a movie. She tweeted;

Here are some reactions to the social media post;

  Lupita look likes her easy to hack into some bank accounts

so Lupita is her pimp

And even then would they would both still be Intelligent black queens.

 Lupita look sexy as hell in those glasses and her lips…

 This would make such a dope movie line, with Riri and Lupita in it

Honestly, I would watch that movie.

If this was a movie i’d totally watch it

 That would be a super thick movie plot tho…

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