This is how Meru Governor Kiraitu Murungi met his First lady



Huyu ni fisi tu, is the reaction most KOT had after Meru Governor Kiraitu Murungi revealed he met his wife in a club.

The quiet Governor caused laughter after revealing he was such a good dancer, that it captured the attention of his ‘wife’, and things progressed from there.

Kiraitu revealed this during the Churchill show, where funny man asked  the Governor

I asked Mheshimiwa how he met with the first lady – eti walipatana kwa dance but she had come with another man then.

Is this how most Mheshimiwa’s meet?  is the question most Kenyans on social media are asking. Read their reactions below:

abybeatrice‏ …That is how most wageshimiwas meet#churchillshow

#ForeverYoung‏..Kweli #teammafisi imetoka mbali, bg up to legends #churchillshow #Onelaughtour

kenneth kitavi…Fisiree

kiraitu murungi and churchill
kiraitu murungi and churchill

Angela‏…akajiambia lazima apindue serikali

YesHelloooo‏…Alaaar jz like Melania and Trump. She had a date but dude scooped her Pap!

Mandullah‏ ..happiness is contagious…i like the message

Violah Saisi‏..Hahhahaha ya mungu ni mengy

uncan Mugah Junior‏ ….Guess what? The other man was his father. That’s the fact

Sinji…Noma ni kutokua rada,kumbe ilianza kitambo

Symon Kimani‏ …Kumbe hii mambo ili anza zamani- you should have probed further- mwenye alikuwa amekuja na yeye ni nani

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