“This guy’s music is trash…not gospel,” popular radio presenter takes shots at Willy Paul

By now you must have heard Willy Paul’s latest song Malingo, which is all about girls who turn him down.

Basically dude sat down, wrote a song called “Malingo” and it’s all about how his advances are rebuffed, despite him having lots of cash.

‘Bahati Anazalisha Na Wewe Ni Ujinga Na Kutafta Mchumba,’ Fans Roast Willy Paul After “Secular Song” Drops

The song has already been bashed by a large section of his fan base, who have noted that he is spiraling out of control. In fact, someone who is not even a fan noticed.

Nick Ndeda, a popular radio presenter weighed in on the singer’s antics.

“I don’t know Kanye West personally but I love the artistry he exemplifies. I don’t know Wangechi personally but I f**ks with her because her music is dope. I don’t know Willy Paul personally but f***ing hell!! This guy’s music is trash. It’s poorly written, lazily executed and not f***ing gospel. FOHWTBS,” he said in a Facebook rant.

Some of his friends agreed:

John Nderitu True. WTH is jigi jigi?

Tina le Twig I used to think that Master Wilson (thats his name ,right?) would make an amazing secular artist.Then I changed my mind when he started churning out those foolish cross over tunes of his.Bloody pay a ghost writer or just stop!!!

Tim Kingoo utaskia mtu akisema he is making money though. Hehehe

Nyokafi Wainaina 😂😂😂😂 I live for your honesty

Gashiki Gashiki Nick Ndeda just GOT RAW

Haze Ouma Not the what but the who… U kbow in kenya, The rest gonna conform to being Zombie ass motherfuckers….

Is’haq Hov Musa I fucking agree with you

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