Oliver Mtukudzi

From losing his son in accident to fighting rumors he was HIV positive, here are things you didn’t know about Oliver Mtukudzi

Celebrated Zimbabwean artiste Oliver Mtukudzi breathed his last yesterday the 23rd Jan 2019 aged 66 due to a long battle with Diabetes.

He is celebrated world wide for his great music.

Here are things you did not know about the fallen hero;


1.He was born September 22, 1952 in Highfield, Harare

2.He sang in the nation’s dominant Shona language along with Ndebele and English. He also incorporated elements of different musical traditions, giving his music a distinctive style, known to fans as “Tuku Music”

3.He was the first born of seven children.

4.He is the father of five children and has two grandchildren, two of whom are also musicians.

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5.He lost his son in a road accident

His son Sam Mtukudzi, a successful musician in his own right, died in a car accident in March 2010.

6. In 2013, he released an album titled “Sarawoga”

Speaking in a past interview at the time he said;

“I did the Sarawoga because some of the songs were meant to be a collaboration with my son. It was therapy on my part.

I did not want to fill guilty by throwing the work we had planned away, I had to finish it off. I spent two years without doing anything It was difficult but it had to be done.

He was more of a friend than a son.”

Oliver Mtukudzi and his late son
Oliver Mtukudzi and his late son Sam Mtukudzi

7.He passed away at Avenues Clinic in Harare, Zimbabwe

8.He had 66 albums to his name,he was to release his 67th album before his death.

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