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Things women can’t say but hate when you do them during lungula

Sex should be great, right?

It should be magical taking you to the highest levels of [email protected] But at times things are far from what they seem. It can get from nasty to the worst experience ever. Here are some of the things women just hate but can’t say a thing to keep your self-esteem intact:

1. Tongue in ear
Some of the women out here love this move but after speaking to a majority of them the hate you sticking your tongue in their ears.
Who does that surely? It’s sickening. Earbuds are there to do what you trying to do. Not unless she enjoys it please throw this foreplay move out of the windows.

2. Silence
Sex without noise, you know what I’m talking about, is one boring event. The mourning and screaming (some do this literally) keep things on fire. It brings energy into the game. But some men grind quietly. Like someone sitting for their semester papers. Make the groans bro!

3. Spanking
Some love it some hate it. Slapping that junk at the trunk becomes uncomfortable for some women out there. Their bossom is best as a support system for the grinding.
Other than that leave it for her to sit on. Guess she had it spanked back in primary for disciplinary action so she still hates the act.

4. Rough love
Some love the masochism. Been thrown on the bed and getting turned over and over like deep-fried drumsticks. It’s all fun and games until someone’s physical health is put at risk. You might hit the chandelier or the walls. What a shame it would be calling an ambulance in the midst of a romping session. What do you even tell the medics? Let the game be slow. Every moment counts and that’s what plenty of women wanna feel. Not ending things as soon as you began. It a waste bro!

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