Things that prevent you from getting the ring

You have dated and had all the fun and even foresee the ring coming but then boom!! It’s all over. This keeps happening to you over and over but you can’t seem to understand the reason behind it.

According to relationship experts, some habits that you possess may be the main reason why you are not getting hitched. Things that may seem normal to you could be the reason behind the exiting of potential spouses.

Diana White of  Womanitely  lists five of the habits:

Afraid of reality:I think that people who’re afraid of reality will never get married if they do nothing to overcome this fear. It’s been proved that every human being is afraid of reality in a varying degree and it’s absolutely normal, because fear is a natural response to danger. But when these fears and deep-seated phobias take over, people become unable to take risks and responsibilities. A bit later these too sensitive and emotional personalities become the victims of their active imagination. I think that this weakness should be eliminated at the earliest convenience. Every woman yearns to get married to an emotionally strong and self-confident man. Diffident personalities should once and for all realize that life is a constant struggle. If you want to achieve success in either marriage or career, you should be ready to take up the running and face harsh realities of life with your head held high.

Passive lazybones:In most cases lonely people are passive lazybones. The pursuit of happiness and self-cultivation aren’t their pair of shoe. They don’t try to take the initiative, but want to take the best things from life. If they believe that they’ll eventually get married, then their chances are limited. Nothing in this life happens eventually. Life is a dynamic thing that requires people to be extremely active and productive. If you want other successful people to notice your talents, beauty and the depth of your rich inner world, you should open up and do your best to express yourself. But how can you meet a wonderful partner if you enjoy aimless passive pastime cooped up in your house? I’m sure that every lazybone can become an interesting and attractive person, if they finally get involved in different activities and find friends with common interests.

Too judgemental: Nowadays many people have incredibly high standards, especially when it comes to personal life and marriage. Sometimes human principles don’t let people think rationally, but provoke them to judge others for their failures and weaknesses. People who don’t take any effort to find a compromise will never get married, because a healthy marriage is always based on mutual understanding and respect. Wise people say that sometimes it’s necessary to keep silent if you’re at odds with your partner. It will help you keep your love relationship healthy and strong. Furthermore, women should keep in mind that their habit of blaming their partners for low incomes can seriously damage man’s self-esteem. As a result, deep-seated contentment in man’s heart can gradually chill the ardor of his love. By all means, try not to offend people around you and you’ll be able to get married in quite short period of time.

Workaholic : This  has become one of the most difficult and actual problems of the modern world. This problem has a lot of advantages and disadvantages. Do you believe that workaholism can make you a happy person? If a successful career is the top priority in your life, then sooner or later, you’ll achieve a desirable result. All you have to do is throw yourself into this work and live for it. Unfortunately, between two stools you fall to the ground. If you choose career, then you should be ready to sacrifice your health and love. Almost all workaholics find it difficult to build and maintain happy relationships, because they work and think only about their projects 24 hours a day. They have no time for love and romance.

They cry for the moon:Today both men and women have blurred vision of reality. It seems to me that ladies still believe that one day a wonderful knight in shining armor will appear and win their hearts. Men waste valuable time looking for a bachelor’s wife. It’s high time to get rid of this pointless habit and finally realize that perfect people do exist only in your imagination. The only way to find a suitable partner is to set realistic goals. You need to be sure that your dreams and desires coincide with reality. If you’re dreaming of getting married to Johnny Depp by all means, then your private life is in danger.

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