Things that ladies do that drive men away: List

Sometimes, ladies drive their men away with or without their knowledge. When this happens, it creates an avenue for cheating. So ladies, be extremely cautious of the things you might be doing that will drive your men away

. Here is a list of things women do that push men away.

  1. Not giving him enough space – women at times become too clingy and nagging. They hardly give their men time to breath or to at least step out of the house for some fresh air for the fear that he might be fooling around.


  1. Changing after winning a man’s heart – you acted differently during you dating period, all nice and sweet but after you got him wrapped up around your fingers, you totally became a different person.



  1. Not communicating clearly on your thoughts – ladies expect men to read their minds. They are perfect when it comes to non-verbal communication, but watch out; you might be sending the wrong signal. Your communication breakdown will lead to an argument.


  1. Boring bedroom matches – from steamy sex to a boring routine one. This will leave your man dissatisfied. He will walk out in search for a more interesting lady with better bedroom skills.



  1. Constantly talking about other men – men don’t like when their women constantly talk about other men. Every guy wants to feel special and important; it injures his ego when you keep talking about other men.


  1. Drama queen – ladies, when you become nagging, pestering and always whining, you are slowly sending this guy away. A man wants some peace of mind especially from his woman.



  1. Engaging in power struggles – men don’t like women who are constantly trying to outdo them or compete with them, be it career wise or in education. Ladies, this is a complete turn off to the guys.


  1. Always demanding – you want one, two, many things at a go even when not necessary or the guy is not financially stable. This will definitely push this guy away from you completely.

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