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Things you did not know about Michael and Sally, Mugabe’s first family

It is no secret that the late Robert Mugabe was a father of four but not much is known about his son Michael Nhamodzenyika.

Michael was born to Mugabe and his first wife Sally Hayfron.

Michael who was born in 1963 passed away from Cerebral malaria of December 1966 at age three.

Mugabe did not attend the burial.

Robert Mugabe’s wife Sally  also died young in 1992 after suffering from Renal Failure.

Unlike Mugabe’s wife Grace, Hayfron hailed from Ghana. She married the late Mugabe in April 1961 in Harare.

Hayfron died aged 61.

Mugabe went ahead to wed Grace Mugabe and they had been blessed with three kids, a daughter, and two sons.


Bona Mugabe is the only daughter to Mugabe and Grace. Bona is married to Simba Chikore.

Robert Mugabe Jnr and Bellarmine Chatunga are the former leader’s sons with his second wife, Grace Mugabe.

During the burial of his only sister, Mugabe revealed that he had to start fending for his family at only 21 after his dad abandoned them.

May Uncle Bob  rest in peace, till we meet again.

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