Tips 101: Here are things you should not do while in the gym

Everyone has suddenly turned into a fitness freak and this has seen more and more gyms filled to capacity. Problem is, most don’t know how to behave.

Well here is a guideline on do’s and don’t’s while in the gym.

1. Do not flirt with the gym instructor

Leave out flirting in-case its been on your mind, such habits should be left to groups such as Tinder. Instead, focus on losing the extra weight.

2. No making out with fellow gym attendants

The gym has all kinds of people team mafisi, team clueless and those who have just come to look for wives.

The temptation might be there for you to make out in the locker room or in the parking but do not do it.

3. Do not wear see through workout gear

Leave those for your bedroom. No one is interested in knowing what colour your inner clothing is. All we want is to work out, get trim and retain our sexy back.

4. Don’t put on makeup

Ditch that for when you’re going for a date. Mafuta haitambui urembo.

5. Do not keep using your phone in the gym

People want to work out in peace so gym time is not the time for you to video call your bae to show him how your abs are popping

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