The things that ladies should avoid while dating

Dating is very different from marriage. When dating there are mistakes that ladies make that mainly leads to heartbreak.

Here is what to avoid.


1. Sharing secrets

This might become a problem in case you two breakup.

No matter how much you love or trust a person, there is some personal information you don’t share.

This period also you might not have learnt the characters of that particular person.

The person may be acting well just to win your heart. Always be careful with the things you share

2. Living together

If you are not married to that person, living together should never cross your mind.

This is because you can either be kicked out anytime because you are not legally together.

There might be an incident of pregnancies and he may deny because you are not a couple.

Moving in should happen if you become legally married.

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3. Sharing your personal information

This includes things like passwords and bank details.

This should be for your own knowledge and not anyone else.

This can be dangerous because one can take that advantage of taking over your life, for example, hacking your phone and all that.

4. Being too comfortable

Do not be too comfortable in a dating relationship.

If there is no marriage ring in your finger then it means there can be someone else that is not you.

When you get too comfortable then you, later on, get dumped, it can really hurt you and get you emotional.

When you are legally married you can get a bit comfortable thereafter.

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5. Being a house wife

Do not give the man you are dating all reasons to think that you are his wife.

This includes doing laundry for him and doing his chores.

All this should be done when he marries you and become the wife.

This is because you may be actually doing all the good stuff for you yet he has another woman which may break you once you find out.

6. Telling your friends about your relationship

Always keep your friends out of your relationships.

Not everyone is your friend and happy for your progress in life.

Involving your friends in your relationships can actually lead to your breakups especially if they decide to turn against you.

What you have between you and your partner should remain a secret between the two of you.

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