Things Kenyans wish you knew about being in an open marriage

The issue of open marriages was heavily debated on Classic with men saying they honestly believe their wives are faithful.

This sent Maina into fits of giggles as he disputed this theory,.

The conversation stems from the revelation that Will Smith’s wife Jada has been in a relationship with a young man, who said he was given permission to bed her.

Sometimes I have to sleep on the sofa after a disagreement with Wahu! Nameless says

Maina was of the opinion that open marriages are happening in Kenya and shared a friends personal experience. He said

‘I know of someones wife whose boyfriend helps her husbands company with biashara’ Maina said which prompted Classics biggest fan Wakanai to call in and blast Maina and women ing eneral.

He said of open marriages’

Will Smith alishikwa na mtu mwengine sasa akaona hakuna haja ya kukosana so they agreed to an open marriage’

Here are more responses to the heated topic:

marriage will lose its meaning if you agree to board to this stupid thing ‘open marriage’


We are living in a crazy world. Ethics went to the dogs. A marriage union should be respected

The moment we run away from the original plan of what marriage is all about, the more we make things to be complicated and difficult for us. There is nothing like open marriage , all marriages should be Closed. @ItsMainaKageni

Men are naturally jealous. Many will never be comfortable with such an arrangement. Unfortunately, we apply Double standards. Its not a taboo for a man to date more than 1 woman. Society will harshly judge any woman doing such.

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Very few men in kenya will accept such an act….what Will smith did was his own exceptional wish……#MainaAndKingangi


A female caller who is for open relationships riled men by saying ‘Here in Kenya I feel like men are so condescending. Its okay for them to have other women but when it comes to you its wrong.’ #MainaAndKingangi

this can’t and will NEVER happen in Kenya,,,,wivu and moshenee we leave it to Kenyan men by now #MainaAndKingangi

Maina its better I be cheated on silently, but giving blessings to my competitor is something that can’t even cross my mind

Once you agree to open marriages it means there is no feelings left your just together because you’re married… Then just file for a divorce there’s no point of staying married in the first place

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