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Things Kenyans do that foreigners may find bizarre

Off the top of my head, one of the things I have heard foreigners say about Kenyans is that they love politics too much at the expense of other issues.

Kenya has the good, the bad and the ugly. However there are some interesting and bizarre things that Kenyans do and still continue to do.

Here are some interesting things Kenyans do;

1. Hawking anywhere and everywhere

No place is off limits for hawkers. Hawkers can even be found at office receptions, in the matatu or worse in bars.

What about around colleges and Universities on graduation day?


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2. Defacating in public

When you are stuck in traffic, pay attention to your surrounding. You will most likely see a man pull up behind a tree to pee.

It doesn’t seem to bother them, but this is super bizarre behaviour to other nationals.

What about motorists who pull over and stand next to the car to do his thing? Even some mothers when travelling have been known to have their children poop by the roadside.


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3. Professional Mourning

There are actors, then there are professional actors.

In Kenya, there are professional mourners who get paid for creating that sad mood in a funeral.

Well no one liked funerals and mostly because its a sad affair, well these professional mourners act out tears while paying last respects to the deceased.

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4. Trashing our environment eg graffiti

While grafffiti is not such a bad thing, how it is done is the problem.


Take for instance, matatu graffiti is pretty neat, even CNN has done raving reviews about it.


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5. Traffic lights are just that…decoration

Most pedestrians and motorists don’t obey traffic lights, and so you move at your won risk.

Don’t even be surprised to find matatu touts directing traffic on our roads. These are quite normal things for us Kenyans, but probably not to others.



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6. African Timers

African Timers is a word normally used in Kenya to refer to people who are poor time keepers.

Well, it may not apply to everyone but its one of the interesting facts about Kenyans.



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