Thighs For Days: Janet Mbugua Shows Off Her Sexy And Gorgeous Legs In Rare PHOTOS

Janet Mbugua Ndichu is one of the most celebrated media personalities in Kenya, not just because of her beauty but her hard work and achievements.

The former Citizen TV news anchor is doing just fine after quitting her job at the media house, to focus on her side hustles and motherhood, and I have to say, it totally suits her.

Janet Mbugua is currently helping mothers and mothers-to-be by sharing her experiences after welcoming Baby Ethan Huru back in October 2015, which has been received well by women and even some men.

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The TV girl has a personal blog, where she shares her motherhood journey, that includes her struggles highlighting issues that women are afraid to talk about. She shares her stories to encourage others to open up.

Other than that, Janet Mbugua is also currently working as Lifebuoy Help a Child Reach 5 Ambassador, a campaign encouraging Kenyans to regularly wash hands to cut infant mortality.

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Aside from being a working mum, Janet Mbugua is a doting mother who finds time for her son Ethan Huru, and her banker husband, Ethan Ndichu.


The cute couple recently celebrated their second wedding anniversary, and other than the few photos they share on social media, they keep their private lives under wraps despite being in the limelight.

Janet Mbugua is a down to earth woman who hasn’t let fame get to her and keeps everything about her life, decent.

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So recently, she was spotted wearing a black blazer dress, donned with black and leopard prints ankle boots, which revealed her toned and sexy legs.

Janet Mbugua has amazing legs and fashion taste and the comments just tell it all.

missnailantei Stunning
sarahkery7632 Dazzling
gee_msweet That’s an awesome outfit
miskey_abass You are my role model
justinenyambura Looking very pretty
dalma_auma Awesome look
listaz_b_the_first_lady Awwwwwww!! beautiful janet
owittijuliet Legs for days!
edilliakawira Preety lady
shixkapienga Love the look Ma’

Check her below, isn’t she lovely?


Janet Mbugua (right)
Janet Mbugua (second from right)

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