‘They should know he is taken’ Willy Paul’s alleged baby mama speaks out. See photos of him and the baby

Trouble seems to be following Willy Paul.

Days after being trolled by fans, it has emerged he has a Muslim baby mama, plus a 3 month old son.

The damsel, who goes by the name Mali Queen, posted photos of her and the singer spending time with their kid in the caption below.

“#QUEENMAMu with my boys…… #kingpozze #kingdamian👶🏻 Yah’ll ladies his Fully taken and soon will be walking down the isle with the Mother to his Most Adourable son #KingDamian….. Keep away ladies don’t bring him temptations ….. Pozze wa Mamuzze…… #familygoals”

The photos are evident that the two are actually tight given the fact that Willy Paul even went for the damsels birthday. His mother was also present.

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According to the alleged baby mama, she decided to share the posts and tag the artiste after he wrote that he is single, prompting ladies to keep demanding for his attention.

She says

“I just wanted everything to be private because I do not like publicity stunts. A few months ago he posted a photo of him and our son and only captioned him.

Days ago he wrote a caption that he is single and ready to be taken and since then we have been having issues because women have been throwing themselves at him.

‘Not taken! Single! Take me #KingOfTheJungleRules’

I shared the photos so that hawa wanawake wake wajue he is taken, that he has a baby and we are about to get married.”

I also want some peace of mind and I am also protecting what is mine.

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Below are the photos





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