‘They ruin peoples marriages’ Huddah on arrest of notorious blogger

Our favorite socialite Huddah Monroe is in Dubai, and while on her staycation has time to address the heavy topic of blogger Edgar Obare who was arrested following numerous exposes’ on politicians and their love lives.

She said his arrest is yet another example of how gossipers should be punished for breaking marriages yet what people do in private is none of their business.

Huddah took a swipe at him saying

Such people need to be arrested, seriously beaten up and their hands broken! So they never, ever type again in their live. And give photos, names, pages of HIDE MY ID gang.

I don’t feel safe – Edgar Obare says after being held at Gigiri Police Station

She aimed her heavy online rant at Edgar telling him to also expose those who leak intimate details to him

Huddah in Dubai

Huddah revealed more of these details in a Q&A with her fans where she asked them what they miss about her. She cheekily answered that anyone who exposes anothers tea ‘is on their own’ when arrested.

Huddah on bloggers

Huddah has in the past not been spared inflammatory remarks of bloggers on the type of hustle she does. In a series of comments she also said ‘I hate gossip! Or people who talk about people!’.


You gotta love Huddah, and her lack of chill. She will be back in Kenya in 2021.

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