‘They Made Fun Of Me, Look At Me Now,’ Beautiful TV Personality Cries

“I started from the bottom now I’m here!”

Tracy Wanjiru is definitely jamming to those lyrics by Drake. The stunning TV siren has revealed that she had a tough time growing up.


No one believed she would make something of herself.

Tracy is the host of the hottest and trendiest teen TV show, and recently, she shared a stage with visiting Nigerian star Timaya where she MCed the event.

Tracy sent out a message to her naysayers, On Saturday, I was on stage with some of the biggest names in the entertainment industry. Here I was hearing people scream my name!”


She added, “I remember back then when people made fun of me because I had a weird accent, some even saying I was too ‘ghetto’ and being bullied in high school. But here I was.”

Don’t ever let anyone put you down because of where you have come from or because you are different. God has big plans for us. Believe in your dream, believe in yourself! Thank you #BBQLiveKe2017 for making this happen for me. A big thank you to all who came through making it such a huge success. It’s just the beginning!” she concluded.

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