‘They Give Us Free Biscuits’, Kenyan Girl Confesses Why She Loves Makangas

Is it true that every Kenyan girl between the age of 13 and 30 who has ever used a matatu has had a crush on a makanga? This formed the bulk of the conversation on classic 105 this morning with presenter Maina Kageni. Two women called in and revealed how they eloped from home at the age of 14 to marry makanga’s, prompting others to also confess what they have been through.

We also got confessions on social media, about the reasons why Kenyan girls fall in love with touts. A female caller shocked Maina Kageni when she confessed to him that she had dated a makanga after several free rides and biscuits as gifts.

No judging here’.  Read through and see reasons why Kenyan girls are likely to end up with a makanga and not you fellas!

Maina these girls loves makangas coz they don’t pay fare, wanabebwa free & they buy them chips za 30bob

They use cheap things lyk chips &soda to woo them, sleep wit them young girls need 2 wake up

Condas knows how to sweet talk ladies & ladies normally fell 4 what they hear.







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