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‘They are heaven sent’ Women open up on why they trust their pastors

During today’s morning conversation on Classic 105, Maina Kageni posed the question why women trust their pastors so much that most time, it affects their marriage.

Speaking about it, Maina quoted someone who once said

“If women respected their husbands the same way they respect their pastors, many broken homes would still be intact.”

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Many of the callers seemed to agree with the fact that women have a soft spot for pastors and below are some of their responses.

“Women generally have a weakness for authority. be it police officers, pastors, CEO’s among others, they just find themselves bending to their tunes”

Another adds

“Maina we have a defense. If men treated their wives the same way they treated their side chicks then many of these broken homes would still be intact.”

Another male caller adds that the rate at which pastors are ‘feeding ‘ on the flock is alarming

“If your wife mentions her pastors name more than two times be alarmed. The rate at which these pastors are feeding on the flock is very alarming.”

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Another caller adds

“My aunt used to be in the church leadership but she ran away with a pastor and left for Ghana. She left behind her five kids  and her hubby.

It came as a shock to everyone. She recently came back. She is in her late 50’s she looks so broken and so broke all she does is hide away from people.

She is currently living in Kitengala but all these years we have never been able to find out what really happened.”

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Just when you think you have heard enough

“Women in our church buying shopping for our pastor call him daddy and buy him suits worth thousands of shillings, yet they have nothing in their house.

I do not know who bewitched them.”

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