These throw back photos of Kenya celebrities will leave you in tears

Celebrities portray a perfect picture life to the public but that is not always the case given that most of them have gone through tough times to achieve the success they boast of now.

While some are not proud enough to share their old photos with the public, some easily do it as a way of sharing with their fans their transformation journey, reminding them of where they have come from.

Here are some throw back photos of local celebrities that might leave you in stitches.

  1. Willy M Tuva

DON’T JUDGE ME by my PAST. I don’t live there anymore. What I do now will determine who I will be in FUTURE. Watch what am doing and see what am about to become.


2. Willis Raburu

#TBT wannabe ogaaa and funny pose 😂😂😂😂


3. Shix Kapienga

#TBT back in high school…you all know what they say about the back benchers, very obedient students! 😁😁😁😁(Don’t mind the paper bags, zilikuwa zinabeba nguo za games, sahani,vijiko na maembe haijaiva)
image-2018-07-19(13)(1)4. Bahati Kenya


This throw back photos prove that indeed our local celebrities have come from far not only in terms of looks but also in the fashion department especially for Mzazi M Tuva and gospel artiste Bahati.

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