These Photos Of Fashion Blogger Neomi Nganga Prove Why She’s Fierce, Funny And Going Places

This sexy actress-cum-fashion blogger covers the latest issue of the True Love magazine. Neomi Ngang’a is a stunner whose blog attracts the attention of many Kenyans be it fellow celebs or ordinary Kenyans seeking to follow her fashion style.

Neomi Wambui Nganga has multiple roles proving her versatility. She is an actress, a plus size model, an MC, a fashion blogger and a fashion ambassador. She has been acting for the longest time and one of favorite series I have watched is Sumu la penzi, where her character is about a powerful woman who never lets anything get into her way.

Growing up in Huruma in Nairob, did not stop her from achieving her dreams. I love how she shows off her curves, proving that plus size is sexy and others should also embrace this type of body and be confident.

Here is what she wrote on her social media:

Growing up in Huruma slum, it was this little girls’ dream to one day make it. It’s hard to see how a place so well associated with drugs, rape cases (including an incident I shared in the interview), and crime could let someone loose from its grasp. It’s already hard enough as a man to make it through, and break out of such a place. What hope does a little girl have? But this little girl kept dreaming, and putting together her own actions to leave that world behind. This time, the interview is personal. The little girl is no longer little, but she’s now a proud big and beautiful woman. For the side of my story I’ve never shared before, True Love has it. Grab your copy today, this one I have to say is a must read if you want to know the real, very personal side of Neomi!


Here are some of the comments from her fans:

Christine Achieng: .. Wow…. This is awesome… Am grabbing a copy tmmrw. God bless you more Neomi
Shi Wa Mwas :Wow proud of you wambo,proud that kiamaiko Ghetto has such great talent
Maureen Ashford: You are truly an inspiration to young girls out there. Love you Neomi Ng’ang’a
Jackie Ababie: Owesome Neomi I remember how tough life was those days may God bless you grab a copy
Salzburg Mukams: Looking fierce gal
Mary K. Kinyanjui: Neomi you remind me queen latifah…. beautiful,strong and fierce…. love you
Victor Matthew Omondi T.u.g: what is it exactly tht u do for a living again?
Wambo Njuguna: When God Say’s yes nobody can say no, every thing is possible with God.
Ceo Kathy Njeri: you have done well neomi! i have always loved you from the days of lies that bind I think. ‘Mama Sweetie!’ Go Girl!
Anthony Mbugua: Your origin is not your choice but your destiny is. Go girl.

Mafisi, here are gorgeous photos of Neomi. Enjoy!








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