These Men Will Never Marry You

The ultimate goal for most serious couples is to get married in the long run. However you need to access the character of your man to tell if he will marry you or if he is suitable.

Here are three types of men who will not marry you:

1. He moved in with you and has no job – Usually this type of man was the typical mama’s boy and was spoon fed forever. So he neither knows how, nor has the desire to, become self- sufficient. This man goes from his momma’s house to his woman’s house as long as she is willing to take care of him. If you have to take care of him like a child, he is not going to marry you.

2. He never talks about marriage – When you bring up the subject, he may go along with you to keep you happy. Ask him to set a date and pay attention to his response. Does he laugh it off or say “let’s talk about it later” or does he just change the subject? If he doesn’t talk about it, especially after you have been together for years, he is not going to marry you.

3. He’s a serial baby daddy -Why would you want to be with someone who’s fathered several children with several women yet parents none of them (this should be obvious if he is sitting around on your couch)? You may even have kids by him, but if he doesn’t talk about marriage during or after your pregnancy/pregnancies, chances are he never will.


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