These habits can portray you as a mean person

Treat others the way you want to be treated is a saying that’s always been hammered into our heads by our parents, friends and colleagues.

But how many of us really pay attention?

These are some habits or behavior you have that show others you are mean;

Tokeo la picha la mean person

Body language

Some people tend to respond by body movements instead of talking back to whatever you asked or said to them. It includes either nodding or even raising eyebrows.

Silent most of the time

You can spend almost a whole day with someone yet they remain silent all through. This shows that the person is not comfortable or does not like your company.

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Being impatient

People who are never patient at any situation are known to be so mean. They want to be favored more than the other people around them .

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Being too content

This involves not caring how other people feel about what you say or do. Your actions matter. Mean people normally say whatever they want in any manner and anywhere. They care about themselves and not any other person.

Not showing interest at all

When you do not make eye contact when communicating, chances are that you have no interest at all. When being addressed, it is important to have eye contact as it shows you are listening and care about what is being said to you.

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Not being keen or attentive

It really annoys and irritates when you address someone or people who are not attentive. When this happens, then it means that whoever you are addressing is not interested in whatever you are trying to pass. This shows that you don’t take note of what other people think or say to you.

Tokeo la picha la not being attentive when talked to


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