These Female Celebrities Might Have Gotten Married If ONLY They STACK With ONE Man

The name team Mafisi has now become a cliché because of its overuse in these streets. Lets change the topic and talk of Mafisilets, the opposite of Mafisi. I know you get me. I’m talking about the women celebrities who would have been married by now if they honestly stack to one man.

Most of them might have kids, but their various relationships with different men, might have brought their ratings to getting married down;


She likes being called Madam Boss. Akothee, one of the artistes doing well in the country is a mother of 5 who according to her has passed through hell and back when it comes to marriages. She once told Mpasho that she was married at a very tender age.

Akothee Finally Reveals Why She Refuses To Get Married

Akothee who was once a taxi driver is now one of the richest artistes in town after coming across a white man through whom the two have two cute sons. In her social media pages, Akothee writes all things anti-men, advising women to be careful. Well, it will be remembered that Akothee cancelled her marriage last year to go for a Luo festival!


Wema Sepetu

Her first public relationship was with the late actor Steven Kanumba. The two broke up after Wema did away with her pregnancy. Since then, the former Miss Tanzania has been linked to dating many male celebrities including Diamond Platnumz. When everyone thought they were such a good couple, their relationship did not work citing irreconcilable difference.

Here Are Reasons Why Diamond Platnumz’s Ex Wema Sepetu Is Threatening To Relocate To Nairobi?

Wema went ahead to date Diamond’s close friend Ommy Dimpoz and after their break up, she bedded Big Brother winner Idris Sultan and after she had a miscarriage of their twins, it was over. She was recently spotted bedding a popular model named Calisah after their sex tape went viral. Wema is now dating another man whom she prefers to be kept unidentified.



She broke a three year engagement with her ex fiance and South African tycoon Leslie Mugadza, something that was shocking to many. I mean, we thought Avril and her Bae were doing just fine. Just before then the Yule Dem hit maker was rumoured to have dated football superstar Dennis Oliech. She should have gotten married by now!



Before you start judging, Zari is not married to Diamond. She is just a baby mama who stays with him, or should I say she is being kept? According to Diamond, he and Zari are yet to officiate their marriage and not to mention the fact that he is yet to pay dowry for the mother of 5.

Zari left his former man, Ivan Ssemwanga whom they stayed together for 12 years. And again according to Zari, they were never married, they just had 3 cute boys but were living together. But wait a minute, isn’t that marriage, I mean, it’s come we stay marriage, right?

Mother-In-Law Drama!!! 5 INCREDIBLE Reasons Why Diamond Platnumz’s Mother HATES Zari Hassan

After their separation, Zari went ahead to date a basketballer and things never worked out. She went for an American man and after few months they broke up and then came another tycoon, Diamond Platnumz. The two are blessed with two beautiful kids but are yet to be married.

Zari and Diamond


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