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These are the top 7 cars that Kenyan women want to be seen driving

Of course women are known to dream big. When it comes to vehicles, titles like Rolls Royce Phantom, Aston martin V12 Vantage S, or Alfa Romeo 4C Spider must be top of the wish list for them. However I am talking about the more realistic dreams. This is 2015 and women have more money and a better understanding of the motoring world…thanks to the internet. While the women pay little attention to engine size and horsepower, they are still able to choose cars that allign with their style and fashion. So allow me to list the 7 machines, already easily visible on Kenyan roads, that most women in Kenya want to be seen driving.

Range Rover Evoque - landrovergadotcom
Range Rover Evoque – Courtesy of

When this car was first spotted on Kenyan roads a few years back, Media Personality Caroline Mutoko could not hide her excitement. In her own words, “The Range Rover Evoque is a statement that I have arrived.” I am not aware whether or not she got herself one of those, but if Caroline could see herself driving it, then believe me when I say that this is the top driving dream for quite a number of Kenyan women.


Mercedes_ML - commonsdotwikimediadotorg
Mercedes_ML – Courtesy of

It is a Mercedes, what every woman wants to be associated with. It’s  the kind of ride that a mum would use to drop off her son to school in Lavington and then drive straight to Muranga’ for a quick visit to see cucu and still carry warus back to the city comfortably.


  1. BMW X3
BMW-X3- commonsdotwikimediadotorg
BMW-X3 – Courtesy of

German machines have a great reputation and most Kenyan women aspire to drive themselves in these. The BMW X3 offers the security features renown of German craftsmanship. It is slightly smaller that the X5 giving it the feeling of being easier to handle.


VW_Tiguan_2.0_TSI - commonsdotwikimediadotorg
VW_Tiguan_2.0_TSI – Courtesy of

This one has overtaken the Beetle as the top Volkswagen design preferred by women. I guess size does indeed matter to women and in this particular battle, the bigger size won.


  1. LEXUS RX 350
Lexus_RX wikimediadotorg
Lexus_RX – Courtesy of

There’s the cheaper Toyota look alike (Harrier) but I guess the name Lexus has a nice ring to it.


NISSAN-Murano- autoevolutiondotcom
NISSAN-Murano – Courtesy of

This is the ugliest car on the list but women are known to ignore looks especially when in love.


honda_crv autoblogdotcom
Honda_CRV – Courtesy of

Any parking lot with 20 cars has at least six of these all owned by women. I have no idea why.


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