‘There Is Nothing Posh About Not Cooking Because You Have Nails!’ – Kathy Kiuna Advices Women

Kathy Kiuna her husband Allan Kiuna have a beautiful family. She is one person you would love to look up to from her words of encouragement and to being a role model to those who have families.


Her youtube channel, Women Without Limits, is  based on educating women and interacting with them to let them know that they have a special place in this world and they play a major role on matters concerning marriage.

Kathy Kiuna

She has a way of teaching women about God and encouraging them to be strong. Despite being a pastor, she always spends time with her family and one of her skills that you don’t know is that she is the best cook in her family and one of her daughters attested to that while they were making some dishes together in the kitchen.


Here is what she said:

” I always put garlic and ginger in my food because garlic is an anti biotic. It has healing components and very healthy. Ginger is good for every cold so I put ginger and garlic in all my foods because it makes food tastes good and its healthy for you. I don’t know why women hate cooking yet its the best thing that ever happened. Cooking is fun and lady like. There is nothing posh about not cooking because you have nails. We have some nails but we cook. Cooking makes you a woman and anybody can learn cooking. Its never too late. If you want to enjoy your food, let the onion cook well. Don’t be in a rush.”

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