‘There is no traffic in hustling lanes, choose your own lane’ advices Akothee

Akothee knows how to get her hands dirty when it comes to hustling and building an empire for her and her kids, thanks to the struggles she went through.

The self proclaimed president of single mothers knows that the early bird catches the worm hence she puts her all in her tour and travel company Akothee Safaris and her music, which has seen her go places .

‘I Served My Mother-in-law As A House Girl For 7 Years,’ Akothee Opens Up

 As some ladies are busy slaying and running after men for money, Akothee has a few choice words for them.

I never saw birds fell of the space because of traffic , there is no traffic in hustling lanes, choose your struggle, focus on your own growth, you can’t focus on bringing someone down if you dint contribute in their ladder up !, you have no idea the kinds of cards people are holding, don’t hate the player! hate the game #gamechanger #madamboss

Akothee is not only working hard but so is her daughter Rue, who is the face of Nivea, which is not just any other brand but an international one to top it all.

Her nomination to be the face of Nivea left tongues wagging with many claiming she was selected due to the popularity of her mother, but that has not stopped the Akothee family from picking their lane and focusing on their personal growth.

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