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THEIR TASTE IN WOMEN IS IMPECCABLE! Top 5 Kenyan Male Comedians With The Most Beautiful Lovers (PHOTOS)

Kenyan comedians are known for their rib-cracking personalities and over the past few years, the comedy industry has grown tremendously to the point of international recognition.

Previously, most comedians preferred to keep their private life off the public radar so that it doesn’t get mixed up with their characters on stage but with time, they have been able to open up.

A lot of comedians based on their social media have began to post photos of their wives/girlfriends plus children.

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In regards to this, how about we take a look at some of the most beautiful girlfriends or wives of top male comedians in the country, in no particular order.

Check out the beauties below.

1. Eric Omondi And Girlfriend Chantal
He is one of the top comedians in the country and also the luckiest after proposing to his Italian girlfriend, Chantal Grazioli. The two have been dating for a while now and it’s rumored that the lovebirds may walk down the aisle this year. Isn’t she just a gem?


2. Chipukeezy And Girlfriend Vivian
The former Churchill Show comedian introduced his now fiancée Vivian, a year ago and though it looked like it was too early to settle down, the couple has proved that love conquers all. She is not only beautiful but also soft-spoken and always has her mans back.



3. JB Masanduku’s And Wife Tina Kaggia
Though he has been in the limelight for a while now, the former Churchill Show funny guy has one of the most beautiful wives, Tina Kaggia. The two are blessed with three lovely children.

tina and jb-horz

4. Njugush And Wife Celestine
The lovely couple walked down the aisle back in 2016 and although he initially kept her identity away from the public, he eventually showed off the love of his life to the world and soon after he proposed. They are now inseparable and seem very happy.


5. MC Jessy And Wife
He’s no doubt one of the most celebrated comedians in Kenya and other than being a lovable person, he’s also a husband and father. MC Jessy refers to his wife as Nkirote during his live shows and though he never shows her often in public, he’s a committed hubby and responsible father.



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