The untimely and brutal death of my friend – Charity Ngilu testifies


Former Kitui mayor Martha Mwangangi was crushed to death by a fire engine which was not fitted with firefighting equipment, Kitui Governor Charity Ngilu said on Wednesday.

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Ngilu said it she was lucky to escape with her life only because her bodyguard shoved her out of harm’s way as she walkedshoulder to shoulder with Mwangangi.

The governor was giving evidence in a case in which the driver of a Kitui county fire engine, Titus Isika, is charged with killing Mwangangi and attempting to kill Ngilu on December 15, 2016. Ngilu was then campaigning for the Kitui gubernatorial seat.

“I was with the former mayor when suddenly a county government truck plunged into the demonstrators outside the Kitui police station and crushed her to death. Martha and I were old friends and we had been called to defend the traders’ source of livelihood,” said Ngilu.

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Giving her testimony before Kitui High Court judge Lilian Mutende, Ngilu said the fire engine rammed into a crowd led by Ngilu, Mwangangi and Jubilee politician Moses Banda. They were protesting the demolition of small traders’ kiosks in Kalundu, Kitui town.

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“Martha was not lucky. The truck hit and flung her ahead before crushing her on the head and mid-section. She died instantly as pandemonium ensued at the scene,” Ngilu said, in tears.

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