‘The truth will be out in the end’ Almasi addresses fans after ‘outrageous’ outfit

Ian Nene famously known as Almasi for his role in Machachari was a darling to many but trouble seems to be following him everywhere.

Questions have been frequently asked regarding his sexual orientation for what many term as ‘girlish’ way of dressing, that is frowned upon by the moral police on social media.


Mean comments have been made, but the laid back young man has always kept his cool until now. He has had enough and decided to tell people off in a harsh response on Instagram.

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In his recent Instagram post he wrote

“People will always look for something to say to fill up their False Ego. It’s interesting to see that a majority of people have no clue what I do and who I am, yet they think they have the right to judge and critique my actions.
For anyone dealing with anything similar… Just remain focused. The Truth will be out in the end ☺️🙏🏾 📸”

Here are some of the photos that have elicited mean and unwanted comments.





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mariamu_vanessa….Weee Ian smoke anything you want even if you want to smoke the whole forest go ahead….. Visit Jamaica and smoke their whole weed….. Washa kuni vuta moshiii pia…. Hata moshi ya gari we vuta jipe raha mwenyewe bora its what you love…… 😂😂😂😂😂

anniarosenburg….Wsh ungebak Kenya y cld not have spoiled like that may God intervene…

_b.a.r.a.c.k_…Are you gay

destinalhope…You must be using expired weed

_sanaipei…Slay queen

freezer_msela_…Jesus Christ u mean u r now a hopeless gay…. Ian u r really destroying ur life silly boy…..

_m0re.ra.ra…..you trynna’ act a stripper???shit bruvh…men whatsup’ with yo’ damn life…o you gat excess adrenalin you wanna waste😅😆😆😆

lynnfloweringa…..Aaii weeeee kijana unapotea.utafanywa bibi bana Noo

wakxul….you should also wear a bra

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