The submission phase of the 2015 BAKE Kenyan Blog Awards is now open

The submission phase for the 2015 (BAKE) Kenyan blog awards is now open. The Kenyan blog awards is a reward mechanism for exceptional Kenyan bloggers that publish great and useful content.

There are an overall 18 categories in this year’s awards.

Best Technology Blog
Best Photography Blog
Best Creative Writing Blog
Best Business Blog
Best Food Blog
Best Environmental/Agricultural Blog
Best Fashion/Beauty/Hair/Style Blog
Best Politics Blog
Best New Blog
Best Corporate Blog
Best Topical Blog
Best Sports Blog
Best Entertainment/Lifestyle Blog
Best Education Blog
Best Travel Blog
Best Health Blog
Best County Blog
Kenyan Blog of the Year

The timeline for the awards will be as follows:

Submission phase – January 9th 2015 to February 18th 2015
Judging phase – February 19th 2015to February 28th 2015
Online voting – March 2nd 2015 to April 30th 2015.
Winners Gala Event -May 2nd 2015.

For more information on the 2015 BAKE Kenyan Blog Awards and to submit a blog kindly visit

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