The story behind Nick Mutuma’s nightmare – ‘When your dream job becomes your worst nightmare’

Nick Mutuma has done well for himself as far as entertainment in the country is concerned and especially in the film industry.

He’s been in the game seven or eight years straight and has done quite some respectable work, even being the only Kenyan starring in MTV Sugar season 3 which was hugely based in Nigeria.

The father of one, recently went to Los Angeles to study acting, producing and directing. After completing his short course, the actor returned to the 254 to put his new skills to work.

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It's been a little over a year since I moved back home from the US, and tbh I don't think I've ever taken as many L's in my life like I have in this one year😂😂… OK maybe I'm exaggerating. Back to the story. I came back inspired by what I saw out there; I had some unique ideas, and a desire to create, and tell youthful urban stories from Kenya/Africa to the world… in a funky way. I wanted to shoot ads, and make movies like my mentors. So a friend and I set up @shotbygiraffe and began to work our way up from scratch. It's been a journey guys, we've shot several pilots, written a lot of proposals, and developed several treatments, but it was basically one rejection after another…tulizungushwa aki 😂😂Until we decided to just do our own thing and that's when God came through. I'm happy to announce that the trailer of @shotbygiraffe debut film @youagainfilm trailer drops on Monday 2nd September S/O to the awesome team at Giraffe Africa, we did a tiiiinnnnng 🙏🏿 #believeinyourdopeness #youdonthavetofitin

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He came back inspired and motivated to put into practice his experience.

It was not all so rosy. As Kenyans are want to say, things are different on the ground.

In an Instagram post, Nick laments about his ideas being rejected. He added how he has never taken as much L’s as he has in the one year since he came back.

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This motivated him and challenged him to start up his own company with the help of a friend of his. The company is called Shot by giraffe and begun from scratch. With the Grace of God they were able get their first film done and is being aired on YouTube as a web film and is said that the trailer will debut on the 2nd of September 2019.

“It’s been a journey guys, we’ve shot several pilots, written a lot of proposals, and developed several treatments but it was basically one rejection after another../tulizungushwa aki until we decided to just do our own thing and that’s when God came through.” He wrote.

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