The shocking things exes do to get revenge after being dumped

They say hell hath no fury like a woman scorned and the video below is proof.

A video of a woman setting her mans car on fire because of makasiriko has gone viral.

The woman’s actions has prompted a discussion on Classic 105 about how angry exes cannot move on after being left.

Here is the clip:


Mike Mondo asked why is it that some people hawaachiki?

Do you have someone in your life who refuses to move on?

A male caller shared what length his ex whom he dumped ten years ago went to.

I had a mrembo. We broke up ten years ago, and one day while I was at home, I heard someone screaming at my gate. I went and found her outside then I asked her what she wants yet it’s been ten years. haachiki akona tabia mbaya he added

Another added that ‘my friends exwife went with his school documents after they broke uo, now he doesn’t know what to do and now he is looking for a job.’

Another added that

These women are so jealous such that they can even track your phone calls and messages…nkt..saitan

Insane. But in Africa large %age hatutambui this thing called “move on” hata mkiachana ni wako bado.

Here are some crazy lengths people go to to get even.

Setting up fake social media to trap their exe

I created a Facebook account, uploaded a picture of a hot girl with a sexy name and chatted him up. We flirted and he fell for it hook, line and sinker. When he asked to meet, I agreed but never showed up.


After separating you start getting creepy messages online, Sometimes the messages call you names and attack your family.

Online expose

The bitter ex drops your intimate pictures online hoping to shame you giphy-70

Anger at a wasted life

After a break up, the bitter ex gets angry that their time was wasted and and so find ways to reclaim things like money lent over the years to make the dumper suffer.

STD scare

Some bitter exes spread rumors they are infected with an STD and make sure the details are leaked to horrify and scare the person who dumped them.

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