Sharon Mundia

The Secret Is Now Out: How Sharon Mundia Lost Her Baby Weight

Sharon Mundia aka This is Ess announced her come back yesterday on her Instagram page which saw many of her readers and viewers react happily to the good news.

Sharon Mundia

Her come back comes a year after she decided to take a break from social media because of self doubt, persistent fear and sense of disconnect creeping into the point where she felt creatively crippled and now she has started the work she has always loved doing and this blogging.

Welcoming her followers back to her you tube channel, she talks about health, diet, weight loss and what she did to lose over twelve kilos from when she was pregnant and four months later.


“Before i got pregnant i had a horrible track record of eating various things and eating healthy. I would have six slices of white bread for breakfast, i would have pizzas and chicken chips and just greasy things because i love them. I got pregnant and for the first trimester leading up to second trimester as well i had the worst morning sickness. It was so bad, i was smelling food and would throw up and i had to take medication for that to just help my body to keep some food so i could nourish my little one. I genuinely tried to eat healthy and thankfully my body transitioned into this phase where i actually liked greens in fact one of the things i did when i was pregnant is when i woke up one morning and i was craving a salad for breakfast. At the very beginning i asked my obstetrician to give me an idea of how much weight she thought i should add or average on the weight spectrum. The main thing that helped me loose my baby weight was breast feeding. second thing is diet.”

Check out the simple things she eat throughout the day:

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