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The sad reason Maureen Waititu believes she can’t keep a man 


We are still breaking down the end of what seemed like a perfect relationship between Maureen Waititu and Frankie Just GymIt.

As of last week, she had confessed she still and will forever love Frankie but she does not want to work things out with him to fix their broken relationshi

In an interview with on Radiojambo with Massawe, she said the thing she will never forget about the gym enthusiast is his presence as a father to their two adorable children.

“He was a very patient man. I wasn’t perfect I made mistakes too and when it comes to parenting, he was there for me even in the labor ward and delivery room where I was bitting him. It is rare to see a man in the delivery room.” She admitted


Some wondered if his presence in the delivery ward could have led to their breakup,  which she responded to by saying,

No that was not it. It did not affect our se3 life. There is more to that.

Maureen Waititu in blue
Maureen Waititu in blue

Maureen Waititu revealed that there was a time in her life she blamed herself for their broken marriage.

Unfortunately, I have been raised alone. Just me and my mum. My father has never been in my life. It has affected me and my marriage and I realized this after the break down of my marriage. And I started blaming myself saying maybe it is because of how I have been raised without a father which makes me not know how to keep a man.


She added,

But with therapy and counseling, I have come to forgive myself but then again there are so many children who were raised in single families and they turn out okay.

Maureen then explained how she has tried reaching out to her father who was not present in her life but it backfired and she gave up on building that relationship.

“My father is very much alive he just decided not to be in my life. He left when I was young in fact I do not have memories of him. I tried reaching out to him and he does not want anything to do with me and that made me stop following him because the rejection is too much to bear.” She revealed.

She admitted it has been a bit hard for her dealing with marital and daddy issues without siblings who  act as support systems.

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