The one surprising thing that Avril has learnt

As we await the birth of a celebrity baby from singer Avril, the singer is revealing to her fans in an open letter what she thinks about life and how she is slowly trying to live and understand it.

Perhaps Avril is tired of throwing caution to the wind, and has decided to share her journey. This somewhat reminds me of that Swahili proverb ‘asiye funzwa na mamaye hufunzwa na ulimwengu’ which means whoever is not taught by the mother will be taught by the world. she made public her thoughts on Instagram, noting that;

“You live you learn. I never understood that until I genuinely started learning to live (slowly getting there).”

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Clearly she’s been thinking about this dream called life and how she’s going to row her boat down in the stream of merrily (happiness).

“Giving in to every vibration, every thought, not being afraid of being vulnerable (well sometimes . I haaaaate being vulnerable. maybe more scared than hate) and just letting go. That’s when ‘row row row your boat (you), gently down the stream (life), merrily merrily merrily merrily (be happy) … life is just but a dream(is it not?)’ .. makes sense.

In another post she also added,

“I tried . even when the goal posts and the rules of the game kept changing . I tried.”

Avril is clearly speaking in parables and is keeping us in the dark but we hope she will soon tell us what she’s trying to communicate.


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