The one simple thing a man means when he calls you trouble

If the man you are talking/dating, tells you that you are trouble, girl, he is married and getting ready to cheat with you. You are a potentially distracting person he likes and that he could easily get into trouble with you.

A woman online asked this question and was told just as much.

One man told her “That he shouldn’t be talking to you, but he enjoys it. You finna be woman #2 if you keep on ma’am”.

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Means he’s got a girl but you’re making him think about throwing away his relationship to be with you.

The trouble is actually all the shit he will get from his wife/gf when he breaks up with her or gets caught cheating with you

Mean either he thinks you’ll get him in trouble with whoever else he’s dealing with. Or if he’s single single you’ll be the one that gets him in his feelings quickly and he’s not sure if he’s ready for that or maybe he could be. Some women make men nervous

He’s cheating and you’re the side chick.

Not so precise. Means wanted a fling but on get close really enjoys your company and vibes, but weighing if your sassy, wild self is really worth being with you for the long run.

it means run

He’s married. Has two long term girlfriends (4 kids) and needs a new person to pursue!!
Like Sir. Do not look my trouble and allow me please!!

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