The one reason why women don’t believe in helping a man when he’s down

Girls, let’s gather behind the tent and discuss this thing of giving men money in hard times. Do you do it, or give him the look that says nah, nope!!

The one reason for not helping is because when a man gets back on his feet, he forgets you and starts acting real different.

Twitter user Tweet @boojieshay wrote her thoughts in a thread that generated 14k likes and 4k quotes.

She wrote
Helping a niga when he down is a real risk. I don’t give a what anybody got to say because a nga will switch up & act different once they’re back on their 10.

Several women recounted their experience to prove her point in the comments

I was with homeboy when his dad was diagnosed with aggressive cancer and ended up with a stoma. He was going through it and I was there every step of the way taking care of him when he couldn’t. Man let me know after his dad passed I was nothing to him. Never again.

Another wrote

YES!! Tell me how I waited hand and foot on this man when he literally got leukemia, as SOON as he was done with chemo and healthy, he LEFT!!! Like?!?

Actual and factual. I helped a guy get his credit up and now he in a relationship. But not with me like boy byeeee. Siri play Alicia key’s lesson learned.

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