The older you become the better you become at love – Study

A survey conducted in the US found that 88 per cent of people preferred dating someone intelligent and philanthropic over someone with an attractive face. If you are wondering how this thing relates to dating, it all boils down to maturity. Time and again it has been proven that with age comes wisdom and with wisdom comes maturity.

Says relationship expert Seema Hingorrany, “As a person ages, his cognitive level (thought-process) rises. When you start growing in age, you also tend to become wise since you have already experienced so much in the world.” On the other hand Rajan Bhonsle, relationship expert says, “The rule that as you age you become wise in love is always not true. It is important to understand that it is completely on the nature of an individual. Some people may become wiser in love as they age but for most they regress in love with each passing year.”

Unlike in your younger years, as you grow old love is mostly about companionship and emotional bonding. Adds Hingorrany, “As we age, we meet lots of people and this helps us understand and judge people better than what we generally do when we are young.”

Says business analyst Abheek Chatterjee, “As you grow older, you tend to mature with age and this helps you understand relationships and your dynamics with your spouse or your girlfriend/boyfriend well.”

The truth is as you age you become better at handling conflict, that doesn’t mean it becomes easier. It means that you become more tolerant and understanding because you have experienced alot over the years.


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