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The note left behind by Naivasha woman after poisoning 4 children

A mother over the weekend in Naivasha town poisoned her four children to death aged between eight and two years.

The bodies of the four minors were found locked in their house near Naivasha High school on Saturday afternoon before police were called in.

The woman allegedly poisoned the children on Friday evening before fleeing to the neighbouring Kayole estate.

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Two notes she is alleged to have written about the reasons leading to the poisoning have gone viral online.


She wrote the note to her son telling him that she had been laid off from her job due to covid 19, and could not bear it anymore.

She was laid off two months ago. This is the note she left behind:

Dear son Alex,

Receive much regards from your dear mum. I wish to trust god you will be responsible enough to take  care of your brother bravo.

I beg you in the name of Jesus not to panic for what I’m about to confess to you.

I have murdered my four kids to cut off the generation link from their family. It’s painful to bring up a child all knowing what a hard life awaits them. I love them so much not to see them suffer.

As for you take care of bravo be his guardian angel. I know you two have different character but leave to tolerate one another 

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As for your education, try your best to complete and ask uncle things to intervene ensure bravo studies well and protect him from evil.

Be prayerful god will be guiding through your for me i wish to spend the rest of my life in prison paying for my evil deeds.

Kindly do not enter in my dealings with Evans Chege (former boyfriend) for he is evil. I loved him so much but I realized that all what he owns belongs to another old woman (sugar mommy).

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If only I had a stable job I would have not killed your siblings.

As for the house rent I have paid upto April. May and June are nt paid yet. water bill has dues of 1650, and electricity you can check you can sell all these items if need be. i have a deposit of sh5000 with the agent (caretaker) keep my clothes safe and especially the ones bought recently nobody should wear them, 

As for the burial, ask itega or kiritu give you somewhere my kids can be buried i had bought new clothes and shoes for Melody Samantha and Whitney. they are inside a paper bag on top of your bed. for William, the family can buy him the clothes and shoes 

I will turn myself to the police for murder charges. Jail is now my new home. I love you and bravo so so much and maybe god willing we shall meet again.

She ends by quoting John 14 chapter 1.


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