Ben Pol with his wife, Anerlisa

The NDA Anerlisa wanted Ben Pol to sign for their divorce


Tanzanian singer Ben Pol in an interview on Monday 19th July told that ex wife Anerlisa wanted him to sign a non disclosure agreement after learning he filed for divorce.

Ben Pol dismissed the confidentiality agreement arguing that “how do you gag someone from speaking about their life when they wish to?”

“I found the letter from her lawyers baseless because it was actually gagging me not to speak about my marriage. I mean if you are married you have the right to speak about your marriage if you want to, how then do you gag someone from not speaking about their lives if they wish to do so.” he noted about the NDA.

“That letter had no head or legs because how can you prevent someone from talking about his life? According to the Tanzanian law, she is still my wife, and therefore if she is my wife, this is still my marriage, which means it is my life, so I can talk about it. I just ignored it and, of course, reached out to my lawyers. What we realized was that the letter had no depth. Secondly, it came from a point of insecurity. I’m a gentleman, I just can’t go talking about the person I was involved with,” he said.


The singer also blamed himself for ignoring signs that they couldn’t salvage their marriage.

The two got married secretly in 2019 and Ben Pol filed for divorce around March 2021.

Ben Pol confessed that the healing process has been slow because he really wanted the marriage to work and tried his best.ben pol


“When reports emerged on social media last year that we had split, things were bad, we were not on speaking terms. It is true, we had split for about a month and a half. Things were bad to an extent Anerlisa sent me documents from her lawyers asking for a separation. We were good until February this year when again the bubble burst. Again, we separated in episodes. We did not speak for three weeks, tried fixing things, and not long we were back in the woods and this time things were pretty intense,”


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