The most expensive currency is energy, Protect it – Deejay Kalonje on single status

Mix master Kalonje is now a single man who’s learning how to protect his energy at all costs.

This cryptic post follows a breakup with his girlfriend after informing Kenyans about calling it quits with his video vixen girlfriend Rachel.

For the New year, Kalonje updated about his new status saying ‘The most expensive currency is energy. Protect it with all you have¬†‘

Deejay Kalonje broke up with his girlfriend in a heartbreaking note on Instagram five days ago.

He told ‘In life all good things must come to an end, even the most amazing moments with friends and loved ones. What is important are the memories created and also the lessons learnt.

I would like to state that Rachel aka Laquina and i have mutually decided to each go our separate ways. With respect for each others future endeavours.

I wish her all the best in life as we both embark on different journeys.’

The two had dated for close to five months.

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